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Explaining Medicaid

Medicaid is a cornerstone of New York's health insurance system, providing coverage for more than five million of the state's residents, including more than three million in New York City. Accounting for about $49 billion in annual health care spending, Medicaid provides a broad range of health care services to diverse groups of New Yorkers. The program's responsibilities include four main roles:

  • Providing health insurance to low-income families;
  • Covering disabled individuals with no other access to services;
  • Supplementing Medicare for low-income elderly and disabled persons;
  • Providing subsidies directly to health care providers.

As of December 2013, about 5.2 million New Yorkers were enrolled in Medicaid, including:

  • 2.0 million children who are not disabled (not including 0.3 million enrolled in CHIP)
  • 1.9 million adults who are neither elderly nor disabled
  • 1.3 million individuals who are elderly, disabled, or both

Medicaid spending on health care services in New York totaled $49.1 billion in calendar year 2013; mainstream managed care and acute care services accounted for 54 percent of this spending, and long-term care and services for special populations accounted for 46 percent. Direct payments to Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH), those serving high concentrations of Medicaid patients and the uninsured, made up another $3 billion, and an additional $1.6 billion was spent on administrative costs.

Although elderly and disabled beneficiaries make up less than one-fourth of Medicaid enrollment, services provided to them account for about 62 percent of spending, most of which fills coverage gaps for beneficiaries also enrolled in Medicare. Children and adults who are neither elderly nor disabled make up more than three-quarters of enrollment, yet account for about 38 percent of Medicaid spending.

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